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What is an Incorporated Land Group (ILG)?
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What are the types of leases that can be granted on State Land?
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You can contact the Department of Lands and Physical Planning:
Via our Online Support Platform - accessible24/7, from any device

Easy-to-use and accessible from any smart device or desktop computer. You can submit enquiries, complaints and feedback as well as submit formal fraud reports (internal or external).

By visiting one of our business centres.
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General Enquiry

A General Enquiry can be submitted for; Billing, payments, arrears, linking of properties, payment plans, account controls, property, land, notices, rates, and anything else regarding lands services.


A complaint can be submitted for; Staff behaviour/attitude, being given incorrect information, facilities, process failures, fees or charges, policy or unclear instructions, or other similar topics.

Fraud Report

To help us make a better Papua New Guinea, we need your assistance to report suspicious or illegal activities which relate to land, properties, rent, compliance, payments, false statements, inappropriate conduct by DLPP officers, whether it is internal or external of this department.


Feedback can be submitted for; Website feature requests, website failures, process improvements, general suggestions, department recommendations, compliments, or other similar topics.

The Online Support Platform will always be the fastest and easiest way to get in contact with us (including sending us files). However, we understandin some circumstances you may need to phone us directly to attend to your query.

Below you will find relevant telephone and postal information for our service divisions and regional offices.

Fax: (+675) 301 3205(+675) 3013206

Fax: (+675) 301 3205(+675)3013116

Fax: (+675) 301 3205(+675)3013113

Fax: (+675) 301 3205(+675)3013111

Fax: (+675) 301 3205(+675)3013131

Fax: (+675) 301 3205(+675)3013257

Fax: (+675) 301 3205(+675)3013288

Fax: (+675) 301 3205(+675)3013279

Fax: (+675) 301 3205(+675)3239293

Fax: (+675) 301 3205(+675)3013159

Fax: (+675) 301 3205(+675)3013178

Fax: (+675) 301 3205(+675)3239293

Fax: (+675) 301 3205(+675)3013271

Fax: (+675) 301 3205(+675)3013246

Fax: (+675) 301 3205(+675)3013194

Fax: (+675) 301 3205(+675)3013119

Fax: (+675) 301 3205(+675)3013138

Fax: (+675) 301 3205(+675)3013226
Regional Offices

You can find the details of our regional offices below.

Momase Regional Office (Lae)

  • Office: LaePost Office-Level 1
  • Postal: P.OBox 4412, Lae, Morobe Province
  • Telephone: (+675)4727561
  • Facsimile: (+675)4724293
  • Contact Person: Operational Support Officer, Lae

Islands Regional Office (Kokopo)

  • Office: Tammur Centre Section 38, Lot 1, Kokopo East New Britain Province
  • Postal: Test Postal
  • Telephone: (+675)9822686
  • Facsimile: (+675)9825023
  • Contact Person: Operational Support Officer, Kokopo

Highlands Regional Office (Goroka)

  • Office: Henganofi Development
  • Postal: Corporation (HDC) House P.OBox 684, Boroka, Eastern Highlan ds Province
  • Telephone: (+675)5321547
  • Facsimile: (+675)5321182
  • Contact Person: Operational Support Officer, Goroka